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K9ine Bubbles

K9ine Bubbles

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Dog Lovers fall in love with this easy kit because:

  • You get warm water outside, quickly and easily
  • No need to wander aimlessly around the hardware store – everything’s included!
  • Save time, money, and SANITY on grooming and bathing your dog outside
  • Wash your hands of mud and clogged drains!
  • Increase your home’s value
  • Includes idiot-proof DIY instructions + how-to videos
  • Make doggy bonding time the best part of your day, every day!

What's Included?

  • 6” hose bib sillcock (safe, healthy, lead copper-free, frost-free)
  • Red handle to indicate warm water
  • 2x durable quick-connect fittings (brass) for effortless installation that lasts for life

…And we're also going to load you up with an arm full of free bonuses with your purchase today

  • A bottle of your dog’s new favorite non-GMO shampoo (made specifically for K9ines)
  • Deliciously scented air freshener for home and travel
  • Handy doggie doo-doo bag with convenient carabiner for dirty business
  • Fun K9ine Bubbles decal that brings all the dogs to the yard (‘cause your hose, is better than theirs)
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